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Do you know of any conflicts with .NET 4.6.2?

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    Do you know of any conflicts with .NET 4.6.2?

    We had an issue with BlueBeam Revu not working. I isolated it by uninstalling .NET 4.6.2, and re-installing .NET 4.5.x.
    BlueBeam was happy, but not Revit 2017. .NET 4.6 is a prerequisite to the Autodesk packaging of Revit 2017.

    Am not sure what program installed .NET 4.6.2
    Has anyone else encountered software conflicts with .NET 4.6.2, or know which program installs it.

    btw. our base workstation image only has .NET 4.5.x
    changing the image to .NET 4.6.x is a big deal, hence this question.

    I've got all of BDSU 2017 and bluebeam Revu 2015 on all of my machines, so they can both run with 4.6. Not sure about 4.6.2. What version of Revu are you running?
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      Thanks for responding. We are using Revu 2016.1.


        Markus, I am testing BB installs later this week so I'll see if I get similar results. One question... Any chance 4.6.2 could have been installed by Windows Update? Microsoft sometimes updates things that all the "work" tools aren't ready for yet.
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          Thanks Gordon for your question. We are currently blocking new updates, so it is probably not Windows update. Since this issue is not pervasive, i suspect the issue is more based on the sequence of events. Nevertheless, I am currently unsure the scope or cause of the issue. I want to better understand what is going on before proposing anything to our workstation group.

          I contacted Autodesk support which version of .NET 4.6 gets installed with Revit 2017, and whether .NET 4.6.2 gets installed with SP1.
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