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Panelizer plugin for Revit

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    Panelizer plugin for Revit

    Looks very very promising

    That does look awesome. Such fun!

    I wonder if they are also going to do anything to help rationalize or fabricate those forms.

    One of the reasons I'm always so 'bleh' about Grasshopper is this right here. Sure it can make neat looking design models, but in order to actually make anything out of it you've got to break it's parametric nature and then spend a great deal of time modeling that 'frozen' result into something you can actually make. I'd much rather have it where at least a little bit of the rationalization and fabrication was automated, for I can make neat looking models all day long in any number of apps. Neat looking models isn't my problem!
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      This week I attend a presentation by a brilliant german who has a company that specializes in doing post processing of those patterns.
      It's a very complicated business as most architects using freeforms have no idea of the implications of complex geometry manufacturing.
      As a short description of the presentation, the most easy way of placing patterns in nurbs-like shapes is triangles, but that poses a great disadvantage on waste material for production. Specially with glass.
      The rectangular option is the most economic, but to get gaps in the order of a few milimiters in the vertices, cases of surfaces within the patterns must happen. Those include parts of cones, cylinders, donuts, and worse. On top of that, that brilliant german used algorythms to calculate and optimize mold reuse. Because molds are very expensive.
      Just be careful, because if you can model it, it doesn´t necessarily means that it´s practical or effective for construction.
      Gonçalo Feio
      "Ignorance, ignorance, sheer ignorance - you know there's no confidence to equal it. It's only when you know something about a profession, I think, that you're timid and careful." George Orson Welles


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