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Requesting Revit Rendering Tips

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    Requesting Revit Rendering Tips

    Hi guys,

    Im New Members here and also quick new in Revit Architecture..
    Rite now im using RAC 2012.. My computer spac is i7, 24 GB memory(RAM) with nVidia Quadrio 600.

    i try to render my testing project that 70+ floor tower with 6-7 basement parking..
    rendering process is to take about 2-4 hours..

    my project detail.. im using curtain wall with spider clamp every floor, bluster railing at 7floor parking basement,
    and the rest all standard family..(door,columns) ramp,wall..that all..
    most this project using curtain wall..that because i want make from 1st floor to top floor is glass panel (using curtain wall)..

    so.. what its take to long process to render it??
    im not good in render part..

    so.. anyone can teach me how to render fast.. and teach me as well how to setting render option to make it look real..

    hehe..sorry.. still under study using this revit.. hope u guys can teach me..


    Sorry for my broken English..

    Hi Theory,

    Your English is fine.

    Re getting the render to look good, a few good tips can be found in the rendering section in this thread

    Alternatively, there is a wealth of material in this forum - have a quick search and you will be likely to find some great info.

    Re the time it takes to render - this is the ugly part. Large complex renders take a loooooong time. 2 - 4 hours is actually no that bad. This is really a function of the fact that the render engine in Revit uses the CPU, and it just takes a long time to crunch all of the numbers.
    Ian Kidston


      Thank buddy.. that was good info for me. hehe.. im so lazy to searching b4..
      anyway.. that was real good tips..



        If you didn't use custom materials you might want to check out Project Neon on the Labs website, it won't give you full control but it will be faster by a lot.


          I have started using 3ds Max for rendering. WAY faster than revit at rendering (all else being equal).
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