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Material & Asset Color Overridden by System Type

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    Material & Asset Color Overridden by System Type

    Hi everyone, I am starting to tinker with this feature in Revit because it allows my Navis exports to display the preset colors for pipe/duct system types in Revit, so I can avoid using appearance profilers and search sets.

    I am having a problem though, hope someone can help:

    Some of my pipes and ducts have insulation. I have created pipe insulation types in Revit, associated an insulation material to it, and in turn associated an asset to that insulation material. I have also created pipe system types in Revit and associated a material to it, and in turn associated an asset to that pipe material. For each of these materials I have set up the appearance settings in the materials properties to be exactly the same as my system graphic overrides.However, it seems that the insulation's material properties becomes associated with the pipe system's material properties because when I export to Navis, the insulation displays the same color as the pipe system's material appearance settings. I set up a search set for all pipe insulation and attempted to override the appearance in Item Tools to 70% transparent and white but no luck.

    Somehow, because the insulation is stuck to this pipe system, it adopts that pipe system's material appearance settings. How can I disassociate the two so that insulation exports to Navis displaying its own unique material/asset properties? My insulation material appearance setting is set to white transparent glass but it displays as purple and opaque just like the pipe. I can't figure out why it's adopting the pipe system's material appearance setting.

    I'm sure there is a more succinct manner of posting this, but I'm new to this dark corner of Revit and not familiar with all the shorthand verbiage.


    I rebooted my machine and reloaded my model. This is when I got a message about resolving an external reference. I usually ignore these warnings, but this time I noticed the name of my asset for insulation in the file name, so I grabbed a screenshot:

    Could it be that this is why the insulation doesn't display as intended via Revit's material/asset feature?

    How would I find the png and point my model to it?
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