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    Its all black

    Help.... I'm very new to this Revit lark & not up to speed with all the correct terminology so please bear with me & I'll describe it a s best I can.
    My problem is I've created a stainless steel table in the family editor & assigned a stainless steel material to it but when I click on the "realistic" on the "Graphic display options" dialog box at the bottom of the window it just turns everything black..... I was sort of expecting it to turn into a photo realistic image. I've also found this to be the case when I've opened other stainless steel material models created by other people. I'vehad a good Google but not really found any answers I can relate to or understand.
    Help in "simple mans wording" would be greatly appreciated
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    Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

    As you will find, there are a few things in Revit that don't always mean, or do, what you would think they should. "Realistic" being one of them. If you think of "Realistic" more as "Textured" (over say, "Rendered") then things start to make a bit more sense - and for whatever reason, it results in reflective surfaces always coming through dark - and seldom ever like the material you've defined.

    Hit the little teapot and give a quick render a go and all should be well...

    Forgive me, that was an answer-by-default, without opening your file - and whilst the above still stands true, the fact is you've not actually got a (metallic) material appearance defined...

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      I dont even see those options :-(

      I'm using 2017

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        Apologies.... forgot to say thanks for the info re Realistic / Rendering. Makes perfect sense


          Originally posted by Laggingbehind View Post
          I dont even see those options
          One of the (many) quirks with material appearances is that there are a number of "profiles", some featuring more controls than others. You should get a fairly okay metallic finish (when rendering) from that one you have there, but if not hit the "Replace Asset" button - which will open another flyout to select another appearance from. At first it's a slight game of pot luck to pick one with the controls you'll want - though the more interesting ones with knurls, or cutouts, are usually the best place to start (re)defining your own.

          It's quite difficult to capture in words.

          (Revit) Materials trip up a lot of people at first - which is why there are always a good number of threads on the subject...


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