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3dsMax 2018 - download link for Nvidia Mental Ray iRay

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    3dsMax 2018 - download link for Nvidia Mental Ray iRay

    I've been waiting for months for Nvidia to let me know when Mental Ray and iRay for 3dsMax 2018 would be available (there is a 'notify me' link on their website which has proved to be a waste of time) but also been occasionally looking around the internet for anything on the subject.

    Thus today I came across a video showing a download link (below) for the free version of Mental Ray and iRay.

    It is free for in-program use and single image rendering it seems, which is mostly what I do.

    On a quick try out it seems faster than rendering in 3dsMax 2017 but as this is only version 1.01 there may be some glitches down the line.

    Anyway, all the Arch & Design materials seem to be present.

    The link I posted no longer works but the download links are in the top post in the Nvidia support site for 3dsMax 2018.
    This is Mental Ray iRay and not iRay+ (see other posts here):

    The package contains the standalone and plug-in versions - I just ran the installer for the plug-in version and all seemed to be OK.

    A little pop-up on the screen afterwards offered me an update on Materials I think which I also downloaded and ran.

    There are options to licence or active Mental Ray 3.4 which I don't understand as 1.01 seems to be the current build.

    Whatever, this at least allows me to link fbx export Revit 2018 models to 3dsMax 2018 and render them.

    Now all we need is for 3D Connexions to provide a driver for 3dsMax 2018 as my SpaceMouse doesn't work with it (but it does work with Revit 2018).

    A workaround for the lack of a SpaceMouse driver for 3dsMax 2018 I've found is to use the touch-enabled Wacom to move around the scene.
    No idea why that works in 3dsMax 2018 but not in 3dsMax 2017 or indeed in Revit 2017/2018.
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    William Sutherland rias riba
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    A footnote: 3D Connexion in Germany have just emailed me a beta driver for 3dsMax 2018 and their Spacemouse - presumably because I posted in their Support forum, so if anyone else is desperate for this the forum is here:

    3Dconnexion Forum • View topic - 3ds max 2018 drivers
    William Sutherland rias riba
    WS Architecture Ltd


      So at last - I think - I have worked out the difference between iRay, downloadable last year from Nvidia for 3dsMax2018 and iRay+ (also known as 'iRay for 3dsMax').

      Suffice to say that the home of iRay for 3dsMax is now here: and it costs $295 a year.

      To be fair, it looks OK and support queries are answered on the new forum but you can go round and round trying to find the right link to try/buy the plug-in (it's here

      I've found the whole thing quite baffling since Autodesk dropped Mental Ray from 3dsMax2018 so maybe this will help anyone else similarly confused
      William Sutherland rias riba
      WS Architecture Ltd


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