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    Materials Question

    I want to preface this by saying that I am NOT a rendering/pretty picture kind of guy. My primary focus is construction docs. However, I do on occasion need to render an image or two. I'm doing pretty good with the new material format, etc, except for one issue. Let's say I have a metal wall panel that will be 12' wide by 3' tall, see attached image. In the Revit model it is easy enough to create a model surface pattern that shows up in elevations and 3D views. How do I get this pattern to show up in a rendering.

    I cannot figure out if there is some place to import this into a material or apply a texture to a material. I'm lost. Lil' help, please.
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    Select a base material that has a relief pattern option, for instance one of the ceramic tile options. Then expand the relief pattern section and select an image to use for your relief pattern that has the appropriate 12'x3' proportions (you may need to create one). You can then scale it in the dialog using the "Edit Image" option, and Transform.

    Finally, you will then need to align it with your surface pattern, go to the Graphics tab and where the surface pattern is select texture alignment and make the image line up with the pattern.

    Chris Price
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      That was it! Many thanks.


        Another option:
        You can also use bump maps for this. You'll need to create a jpg with the desired pattern in black lining (use paint, remember to create an image which can be tiled by the material editor)
        Expand the bump section of your material, apply the image, scale and play with the lighting/exposure settings.

        This works great if you have regressed linings which are in fact in color.
        Martijn de Riet
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