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Jason Grant: Revit Presentation Graphics That "POP"

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    Jason Grant: Revit Presentation Graphics That "POP"

    Last week I presented at Autodesk University for possibly my last time due to my new position. Even though it might be the last for me, David Light and I brought our “A” game and knocked it out of the park. With our passion for graphics and the role graphics should have in the architectural process, we split up the session into two parts. The first part was David Light showing what Revit can do OOTB (Marketed Processes) and what everyone should be doing at a minimum along with some tips and tricks.

    With that as a base, the second part was on my research over the last year on presentation graphics that can be seen on the daily postings on the Archdaily website. I kept a feed and would grab each image that I deemed as an intriguing graphic.

    From that research, I determined that the current graphics used in presentations included life/feeling while at the same time having simplicity/focus. From this research, I explored ways of adding life and feeling through new custom built content within Revit. At the same time, I struggled with how to add the simplicity and focus within the limitations of the visibility graphics controls and that led me to filters which have an immense amount of control ability. My hope was that this research and testing would reduce the need to go to multiple other software packages to get a graphical “feel” because it was believed that it could not be done within Revit. The more software packages used for one portion of the process greatly increases the disconnect and rework in each package while reducing the time you can spend designing since all the time is spent coordinating software.

    While you wait for the recording to be published by Autodesk University, grab our presentation, handout and the dataset which includes numerous examples of entourage, analysis, annotation, site and other content as well as hours of fun deconstructing the settings to work them into your office’s best practices. Enjoy and let me know what you think…
    Handout -
    Powerpoint -
    Dataset -

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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