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Jason Grant: ARCHITECTS - WE ARE THE 99%

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    Jason Grant: ARCHITECTS - WE ARE THE 99%

    So I have been thinking of the Gehry Technologies announcement on putting together a really impressive group of Architects. At first this was pretty interesting to me but this quickly changed. It was either the idea fully sinking in or walking past the Occupy Boston protest each day but now I don’t think it means as much as I first thought.
    Think about it:
    • Do Celebrity Architect offices resemble anything like your office?
    • Do Celebrity Architect’s use the software or have people who design and people who model?
    • Do Celebrity Architect projects resemble your projects in any way?
    • Do Celebrity Architect's have the same fees to create projects in complex software as you?
    • Are they going to think about what you need or what they need?
    We are the 99%
    We are not the 1% Celebrity Architects. We are the struggling Architects who are fighting to win projects, fees, keep operating costs low and have software that meets our needs. Is Revit the answer to our needs? I my honest opinion it is the best choice we have now but it by no means answers my vision of where the software needs to go. Don’t get me wrong, it is world’s better than the AutoCAD workflows I used to do but I have been less than impressed with recent developments of Revit over the last few years. Why do we need to rely so much on 3rd party add-ins to provide solutions to problems that are not that complicated? Unless Autodesk starts acting like the early Revit days by hiring some more Architects and less MBA, then we won’t get where we truly need to be. This is not a business software but a documentation software that lacks on the design and construction portion. How can this be fixed with a business mind? We need real world solutions by people in the trenches. I am tired of trying to explain something that everyone in the field already knows intimately to someone who does not know anything about it and will fail to implement it correctly.
    We are the 99%, so act like it and demand more from your software.

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