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Autodesk University: Learn about Ecological Design and Experimental Green Strategies

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    Autodesk University: Learn about Ecological Design and Experimental Green Strategies

    Are you curious about the concept of ecological design? Are you interested in developing complex design models?  Do you want to use scripting and programming as a creative aspect of design and engineering? If so, sign up for the Design Computation Symposium at AU 2011.
    The symposium is organized into two sessions around the subject of "Ecologic Design Strategies in Architecture" and "Advanced Research." These are broken down into a series of 20-minute TED-style presentations from:
    • Architect Terri Peters, guest-editor of Architectural Design
    • Peter Busby, Perkins+Wills Canada
    • Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, GXN
    • Azam Kahn, Gonzalo Martinez, and Carlos Olguin of Autodesk Research
    • Omri Drory, Genome Compiler Corporation

    And the symposium concludes with Carl Bass, Autodesk President and CEO.
    Many of the symposium presentations will be made by the authors of the articles in Experimental Green Strategies, a title by Architectural Design (AD), and guest edited by architect Terri Peters. Other presentations during the symposium will take some of the ideas introduced in this edition of AD and develop related research themes, such as nanotechnology and digital fabrication.
    Robert Aish, director of software development for Autodesk Platform Solutions, chairs the symposium. Learn more about design computation from this 2009 interview with Robert Aish:

    Even if you are already registered for AU 2011, you can still sign up. To register for the Design Computation Symposium, log in to your AU member account and in the left nav, click on My AU 2011 Schedule, then click on My Schedule to manually add the symposium. Its class ID is DL6040, scheduled for Wednesday, November 30, from 1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.

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