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Malleristicrevitation: ORUG Presentation- Revit for Site, and Fabrication

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    Malleristicrevitation: ORUG Presentation- Revit for Site, and Fabrication

    So, another thanks to Jay Polding and the SolidCAD folks for letting me travel to talk about what weve been up to, at their local Revit Users Group. We recorded it via GoToMeeting, but unfortunately the videos that we played during the PowerPoint dont record over the GoToMeeting. I was going to re-record the entire presentation today, but things have been crazy hectic here. So i'll upload the presentation- as it happened at the ORUG- replete with my terrible jokes. I will post the videos that go in the Powerpoint as well, since you can pretty much guess where they go. (When the screen turns black, theres a short video).

    The Lecture itself:

    The three videos that should be in the mix:

    The first:

    The second:

    And the third:

    All in all, it was a lot of fun meeting some of the Revit users in Toronto, and i will continue to update the blog on the progress of the project itself. I mentioned in the users group that i would post the sample Adaptive Component family, and i will (even though its very simple). I just havent gotten it uploaded on to my domain yet.

    Jay has the ORUG pictures, so i will let them post those on the ORUG blog. =)

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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