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Jason Grant: Why is the large project workflow broken?

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    Jason Grant: Why is the large project workflow broken?

    We along with so many others are forced to occasionally break out our largest projects into separate files. Either because of amount of team members (more than 5 and the file slows down) or the file size (x64 can only do so much for you). So the breaking into separate files has been the recommended workflow for as long as I can remember. So why is it so broken? Let’s take doors for example:
    1. Filter by Level
    Our projects have hundreds to thousands of doors, therefore it is impossible to have one door schedule to fit on a sheet but numerous door schedules which spans multiple sheets. So the logical thought is to break by level through filters but this is not an option when I enable “Include Elements in Linked Files”. Even if I started the linked file from the active and it is exactly the same level. This seems ridiculous and makes one second guess the accuracy of reporting from multiple files. To resolve this we have two options. One is to hope that the door numbers start with the level number. i.e. Door 101A is on the 1st level. Then you can filter by the number begins with option. If not, you must rely on a method of manually entering a shared parameter in both files but what happens when someone makes a mistake on data entry or misses one?
    2. Keys from Key Schedules Disabled
    We use Key Schedules to control numerous aspects of the door schedule. Key Schedules are great since it helps provide more consistency to a project or the office. So why when I enable “Include Elements in Linked Files” does it disable my ability to select the keys in the active file? I need to either go to the door or have an additional duplicate schedule to make my changes that does not include the linked files.
    3. To/From Room Disabled
    This has finally been fixed in 2012 but the tagging rooms and room functionality for links has been broken since the beginning. I am pleased to see this finally but wonder why it took so long? I would love to see a release of Revit that fully focused on legacy issues that have driven everyone nuts for years and years.
    Unless there is a change that will magically allow us to have one file, just fix it! I understand the desire to expand the options and future functionality but we have not forgotten the legacy broken tools and workflows. I hate to be training someone and be asked why this or that does not work because I can only respond with “We have told them but nothing has ever been done. It has always been that way and may stay that way. I guess we just need to deal with it.”

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