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    Jason Grant: Yet and Try

    Last week there were two great posts that I think we can all take something out of. Flowing Data had a great segment on "Do or Do not. There is no try." and Seth Godin talked about the "yet". Both relate to software and how people either wait for others to force their own change or try without fully investing. There was another great quote from Yoda in this video, "You must unlearn what you have learned." The AEC industry can only become better when we have unlearned the old habits and the things holding us back. If we don't "DO", how will be get better?
    Will waiting for others to change the market leave you unprepared to stay competitive once the market has changed?
    Flowing Data - September 18, 2011
    "Do or do not. There is no try." — Yoda

    Seth Godin - September 19, 2011
    Here's a way to figure out if it pays to adopt a new technology.
    When you talk about your market or your peers, do you say, "no one is using it..." or "no one is using it yet"?
    Yet implies inevitability. If they're going to use it, it might make sense to get there before they do.
    [Worth considering: The difference between a technology where getting in early pays dividends, and those that don't. For example, having a website or a blog or a Twitter account early can help, because each day you add new users and fans.
    QR codes, on the other hand, don't reward those that get in the ground floor. You can always start tomorrow.]

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