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Autodesk University: Take Advantage of the Convince Your Manager Toolkit

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    Autodesk University: Take Advantage of the Convince Your Manager Toolkit

    Even though AU offers lots of great opportunities (e.g. advanced training, information about important trends, free Autodesk certification, networking with potential clients, Autodesk executives, and collaborators), sometimes it is not easy for your manager to say "yes" when you ask to go to the conference.
    So we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to make your case for attending. The new Convince Your Manager Toolkit provides resources that you can use to show your manager why it is both cost effective and strategically important to your company to send you and your manager to AU.
    The toolkit contains several documents to help you make your case:
    • Talking Points that you can review to find reasons to attend AU that might resonate with your manager.
    • Sample letter that you can modify to explain to your manager why he or she should send you to AU.
    • AU Benefits Worksheet you can use to list specific benefits that your company and you will gain from attending AU.
    • AU Expenses Worksheet to help you estimate your costs for attending AU.

    Plus we have many classes and events specifically designed for those in leadership positions. So, consider inviting your manager to come with you. Tell him or her about the AU Leadership Forum, the Innovation Forums, and the technology management classes in the Design Leadership and CAD Management and IT tracks.
    And if you register by Oct 11, you’ll save up to $500 on the conference. Your manager will like that!

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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