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Revit OpEd: Reset Shared Coordinates Update

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    Revit OpEd: Reset Shared Coordinates Update

    During April 2012 I wrote about using a separate file as a diversionary tactic to allow us to reacquire coordinates from a model we used Acquire Coordinates on before; now that it has changed and no longer lines up with our own work.

    In the years since that post Revit seems to have decided it should remember more than one file has had the Acquire Coordinates tool used on it. Revit used to be monogamous but that's no longer true.

    The reset process is still necessary but an extra step is required now: we must deliberately disable the link's Shared Site setting first.

    Usually it is necessary to move the linked file to align with ours and so its new position can be reacquired. If the setting isn't disabled first it will trigger Revit's desire to change the Shared Coordinate system of the link. Keep in mind that Acquire Coordinates is a pull transaction but moving a file that is sharing coordinates causes Revit to think it must push that change out to the related file. If that's what is really needed then consider using Publish Coordinates instead.

    Select the linked file and in the Properties Palette click the Shared Site button (by default says Internal unless someone has changed the name). In the Choose Site dialog that appears click the radio button for Do not share site of selected instance.

    It should say like in the image above after choosing that option. It should be possible to move the linked file into the desired position so it lines up with our model correctly again. If it works correctly you won't get a warning to save the changes to the link nor will you get prompted to do so when you save the file.

    It is now possible to link a Reset File to use the Acquire Coordinates on. As soon as that is done successfully the original linked file can be used to Acquire Coordinates again, from it instead.

    If the disabling step was not taken we'd find that Revit remembers it has a shared coordinate relationship with both files, the original link and the reset file. Examining properties for both linked files would reveal a Shared Site setting in play (Internal) for both.

    However, Shared Coordinates and its Survey Point only acts according to the last file Acquire Coordinates was used on regardless how many files Revit is keeping track of. Trying to use Acquire Coordinates on either file in this condition will just generate this warning.

    It's almost as if Revit is treating using Acquire Coordinates like a marriage and keeping a record of each marriage, regardless how many divorces the file goes through. I'd recommend it moves on, focus only on the active marriage and make that work.

    To recap - if you find your shared coordinate relationship has failed you'll want a divorce. Then you'll fall for someone else quickly, on a rebound, only to discover that your previous love was the best. Just remember you need to get a lawyer involved to disable your first marriage before you start your rebound. This way you'll legally be able to get married again when you come to your senses.

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