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Revit Kid: Autodesk Sustainable Design and BIM Workshop

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    Revit Kid: Autodesk Sustainable Design and BIM Workshop

    There are a few awesome new web sites launched by Autodesk and within Autodesk's Education Community. Here is a little snippet about it:

    Gain BIM and Sustainable Design Expertise--and Get Ahead!

    To remain competitive in today's job market, you must be able to incorporate BIM and sustainability strategies into your designs. Autodesk® has two new great online resources available to students that can help you learn how.

    The Autodesk Sustainability Workshop has informative videos and tutorials designed to get you up to speed on concepts like passive heating and cooling, efficient HVAC design, lighting and daylighting, and more. This site demonstrates how to apply sustainability principles to solve real-world environmental challenges. Learn the principles of designing a net-zero energy building and create a more sustainable world.

    Looking for more BIM learning resources? Check out the great new curriculum and other learning tools in the new Autodesk BIM Workshop.This online experience was created to prepare the next generation of architecture, engineering, and construction management students for professional practice. The site has an abundance of learning material, videos, and exercises designed to educate on BIM and sustainable design practices along with IPD concepts.

    I have been searching around the websites and links above and there looks to be a lot of cool stuff. So go check it out now! Also, there were a few new additions to the BIM Curriculum and an awesome Net Zero Building video floating around the Education Community... (See below)

    Videos on net-zero energy building from the Sustainability Workshop

    Two new Units added to the BIM Curriculum
    o Unit 6 – Performance-Based Conceptual Design (featuring Project Vasari)
    o Unit 7 - Extending BIM Beyond Design: Modeling for Construction, Fabrication, and FM
    Posted by: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP at The Revit!

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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