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What Revit Wants: Real-time VR and 3ds Max Interactive

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    What Revit Wants: Real-time VR and 3ds Max Interactive

    This recent announcement revealed some new features coming to 3dsMax 2018.1, primarily a real-time VR engine in Max based on Stingray. This page has the steps to install it. Basically, you install update 2018.1, then install Max Interactive:
    Here are some ‘facts at a glance’ coming from Autodesk:
    What’s the news with 3ds Max 2018.1?
    Autodesk 3ds Max 2018.1 now includes 3ds Max Interactive, a real-time engine based on Autodesk Stingray. This new 3D to VR workflow is designed to provide 3ds Max users with a new way to create interactive and virtual reality (VR) experiences. It is included with the 3ds Max 2018.1 update.

    Who is 3ds Max Interactive designed for?
    3ds Max Interactive is a real-time engine for design visualization specialists based on Autodesk Stingray. It can be used in a number of different contexts but its focus is on helping to simplify the process of turning animations, such as architectural visualizations, into stunning virtual reality experiences.

    How does this relate to Autodesk Revit Live?
    Autodesk is committed to creating VR solutions for the widest spectrum of users.* Last year we rolled out
    Luke Johnson | Autodesk Expert Elite Member
    Author of What Revit Wants

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