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The "Simplex"custom Dynamo Node Package has finally been released!

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    The "Simplex"custom Dynamo Node Package has finally been released!

    Simply Complex: I have been planning on creating a custom dynamo package for the package manager called "Simplex" for some time now. I finally published it. It is broken into two parts.
    1. "Simple" which has nodes that are very practical and will help enhance your Revit and production workflows in the office including nodes that allow you to bring in text from word documents into dynamo (see image below)

    1. "Complex" which has nodes that are "less practical" but fun to try. These include the DynamoCow and soon the ..........Revit Elephant...

    If you have any requests or issues please email me at

    [email protected]
    Note that this package is in beta form and nodes will be added weekly.

    Now go out there and get that package! You could also download it here.
    If you are curious all the nodes are coded using zero touch and the name "Simplex" is a combination of the words SimplyComplex. which has always been my philosophy about problem solving.. which is...
    complex problems have simple solutions or....that I always try to give
    "Simple Solutions to Complex Problems" in the AEC industry.

    Dear Readers Also Note:
    We are re-branding and relocating everything "simplycomplex" to the website
    The site is not complete yet but you could go check it out.....
    and we thank you for all your support over the years and your patience during this relocation. The idea is to have all the simplycomplex brands in one place this includes.........
    1. The Simplycomplex Podcast and all 4 channels (Design Tech, Dynamo, VR/Gaming, and Conference/User group)
    2. The Simplycomplex Blogsite (which you are reading now)
    3. The Simplycomplex Youtube channel (which could be found here)
    4. and The Simplycomplex Dynamocheatsheets (which will be published in the near future)

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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