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RFO Blog: Creating a hatch override by Phase, Pt 3

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    RFO Blog: Creating a hatch override by Phase, Pt 3

    So, here it is: the final part on how to create a hatch override based on Phasing of the overridden Walls.In the first part I showed the methods on how to override hatch by using Yes/No Parameters combined with a View Filter. The second part showed how to set up schedules to check the proper usage of these parameters.

    This method can be used on a lot of things. Combined with the View Filters, it's a very powerful tool. But you don't want to go by an immense set of Schedules one by one to check your model. So you place them on your sheets. But this creates two new problems:
    1. If you're working on a big project with, in this case, a lot of Walls, the Schedules will fill up fast and clutter your sheet.
    2. When everything is OK, you also don't want to have a bunch of empty Schedule titles and headers sitting there on your sheet, see image 17. Placing them on a separate sheet isn't an option, since that way it isn't "live" on the model. I like to look at my Plan View Sheet and see if there is any problem here.

    Luckily, there is a solution for both problems:
    1. To keep the Schedule size manageable you can use the Sorting settings in the Properties. Go to the Sorting tab of the Schedule View and Sort by the parameter "override wall hatch". After this, check off "Itemize every instance". This will group all walls into 1 Row, see image 18. This off course makes the schedule a lot more clear. But it also let's you edit the "override wall hatch" parameter for all walls in the schedule at once.

    2. There is an exception to the general rule in Revit that there cannot be any empty views in your sheet. You've guessed it: it IS possible to have empty schedules on a sheet.

    In order to do this, go to the Schedule, open the Appearence Tab from the Properties and uncheck both "Show Title" and "Show Headers", see image 19.

    Having done this, you will see that all sheets have magically disappeared from the sheet, see image 20. Not completely though, hover with your mouse pointer above the area the schedules are supposed to be and you'll find that you can still select them.

    But they will only show up if you have a problem with a Wall, like in image 21. Here, I "accidently" checked the "override wall hatch" for a new Wall, which makes this schedule pop up. You're right, it doesn't show it's headers, so you're kind of in the dark on what's going on. Right click > Edit schedule to find out.

    Like I said before: it's not a completely automated check, but it's pretty close in my book! Happy Reviting!!

    Click here to view the entire blog post.