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Building Coder: Revit API Training Preparation

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    Building Coder: Revit API Training Preparation

    Yesterday I pointed out that the Revit 2012 API training material is now available online from the Revit Developer Center and provided a more or less detailed overview of its content. In addition to downloading and working through that, there...

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    Question about decal


    I see your website and your post, and its very well, for a beginner like me it help me a lot.
    I have one question about the decal.
    I have been reading the user guide for developer and I wanted to basically, write down a code which would work in conglomeration with add decal tool to place a decal onto the wall directly. Whenever, I select the wall, and it should place the Decal onto it in a specific place.

    I tried searching for some help in the user guide but couldn't really find it. Thus, it would be great if you could help me out with the code so that I can do the same for a project of mine.


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