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Jason Grant: One thing in SketchUp that is not in #Revit

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    Jason Grant: One thing in SketchUp that is not in #Revit

    Front Facing Components
    I have been passionate about trying to push Revit as the primary tool for presentations and only going to other programs when there is something that Revit can't do. Winning over great SketchUp users is one of the most difficult tasks in this process. The feel of a SketchUp image can be accomplished in Revit but one thing I did not anticipate as an issue was the ability of entourage elements to be able to always show the front face when orbiting around. In SketchUp this can be accomplished but in Revit one needs to hide the entourage elements that don't face the camera. The more cameras, the more work this takes and every time one adds another piece of entourage for one camera it needs to be tracked through all the other views to see if it created an issue. Sometimes it is the simplest things that give someone a reason not to go all in.
    Below is a little video showing the differences.
    Entourage in SketchUp and Revit from Jason Grant on Vimeo.

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

    On winning over Sketchup Users (ie most Architect's): Revit really needs a better perspective mode, that's the strength of Sketchup - you can make design decisions quickly and easily because of the viewing angle (you can zoom right in and look at a junction at a 50deg - 60deg viewing angle, and move around easily).

    If Revit copied Sketchups perspective navigation I believe there would be a much stronger up-take.


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