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Autodesk University: The Future of Making Things: Generative Design Comes to AU

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    Autodesk University: The Future of Making Things: Generative Design Comes to AU

    December is just around the corner—have you signed up for your AU 2015 Las Vegas classes yet? While you’re busy filling your AU schedule, be sure to check out Exploring Your Design Information with Machine Learning Using the Design Graph,  an exciting session led by Autodesk’s Senior Director of Emerging Products and Technology Mike Haley. 
    This instructional demo will look at a groundbreaking Autodesk technology. Design Graph uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze 3D design information and discover patterns in data, enabling us to quickly find the best possible solution. This opens up an entirely new realm of possibility that will expand human potential beyond anything we’ve previously imagined.
    Autodesk CTO Jeff Kowalski introduced the concept behind Design Graph at the AU 2014 Opening General Session when he posed the question: How can we design the way nature does?
    “Nature,” Jeff says, “fundamentally designs by taking the best existing solution to a problem, and iterating… So what if, like nature, we could access every design, schematic, asset, and idea that has ever been created to help us solve our particular design challenge?” 
    That’s exactly what Design Graph allows us to do. Harnessing the power of cloud computing and complex algorithms, Design Graph categorizes, correlates, and links relationships between 3D models and their components. Design Graph can identify and understand what components are, what they relate to, and what they do. You can use this intelligent taxonomy to explore design information, manage design data, and solve problems—including finding the best starting point for your next design project, whether it’s in the manufacturing space, architecture and construction, or even media & entertainment where game designers routinely need smarter, more efficient approaches to designing interactive worlds. Generative Design is a new platform that uses the power of machine learning and cloud computing, harnessed by Design Graph, to imitate natural design—yep, we’re talking evolution—exploring all possible modifications to find the best.
    To quote Jeff again, “We can now discover and expose the content and the context of all the current designs, for all of your next designs…. Using everything that already is as a starting point for everything that will be—that’s the foundation of how nature works and it’s our model for these new technologies.” 
    We’re standing on the threshold of a shift that will change everything—not just the way we design, but the way we live. Whatever your industry, and whatever you design, you don’t want to miss this. Register today and save your spot.

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