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Buildz: Bridges, Man . . .

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    Buildz: Bridges, Man . . .

    So I spaced out and totally totally missed the deadline for Design by Many’s pedestrian bridge competition.  C’est la Vie, that’s what I get for going on vacation.  But you, my friend, can still participate by getting in on the community voting.

    Anyway, looks like the other submissions blow this little twisty out of the water, but I will post my Vasari file here for your amusement and dissection.

    It has parameters to adjust the span and curvature of the bridge

    The basic construction is a repeating segment

    A twisted helical net on the outside

    A suspension cable system supporting the deck.
    But I’m pretty sure that, at the moment, the main structural systems are good intentions and hope.
    Bridges, Man . . .

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