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Jason Grant: #RTCUSA - Best Tweet of the Conference Award! @davewlight

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  • Jason Grant: #RTCUSA - Best Tweet of the Conference Award! @davewlight

    This is in no means official but it was the most talked about tweet during the conference in my opinion and also David has to probably win the award for the most tweets during the conference.
    David Light (@davewlight)
    6/23/11 12:51 PM
    If a wave hit the @RTCUSA hotel it would instantly knock out 90% of the Revit experts in the world! Scary...
    This tweet elicited so many funny jokes during the conference, some of the best were:
    • Aww crap... we just lost our Revit expert and we have a deadline. The red warning lights just started going off and you hear over the intercom, "Export, Export, Export" and Autocad just became the tool of choice again.
    • Autodesk "There goes our marketing team (the bloggers/experts), now how do we sell Revit?"
    • Wow, those last 10% that could not make it to RTC will rule the AEC world! What a consulting business opportunity!
    • The question of what is Revit would not be answered...
    • Servers across the US crash from excess exports to Autocad
    • There would be nobody left to make families... well they could use RevitCity... "laughter"
    I thought my last post would be the last RTCUSA post, but then I remembered this and had to share. Tomorrow we will return to your normally scheduled program... promise!

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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