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Revit Kid: Revit Tip - Cannot See Underlay

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    Revit Kid: Revit Tip - Cannot See Underlay

    A coworker of mine ran into an interesting issue that I have yet to see. He had a roof plan and wanted to see the first floor as an underlay. Well, when he selected the first floor as an underlay no underlay would show up.

    After much investigation I discovered the obvious... (I truly believe Occam's Razor applies to almost everything in Revit.)

    Basically, your "Bottom" and "View Depth" cannot be lower than, or on the same level as, your underlay. I will refer you to this fantastic image again:

    It makes sense when you think about a roof plan... If your roof plan is set to have the First Floor as its "Bottom" and "View Depth" and you hid the roof the walls of the first floor would be seen. Therefore, when making the First Floor the Underlay nothing shows up because it is already seen!

    Sounds confusing but the basic rule is simple: Your current views depth cannot be below or exactly on your underlay level.

    Posted by: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP at The Revit!

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