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Jason Grant: #RTCUSA Sessions from Day 1

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    Jason Grant: #RTCUSA Sessions from Day 1

    I have been really impressed with the caliber of sessions from the inaugural US event for Revit Technology Conference. The flow and planning of the conference is amazing and it stacks up with the best of them. Here are a few notes from some of today's sessions that I attended.

    Designing A Revolution
    By David Conant
    As the first architect hired by Revit Technology, this session shared the history and development from pre-Revit 1.0 to Revit 2012. Some of the highlights for me was his insight into how Revit was conceived, the first demo reel shown at a trade show, how/why the UI has developed to where it is now and how the factory makes decisions. David, if you can, upload the demo reel to YouTube I think everyone would appreciate it.

    Jim Balding said it best in his introduction that David Conant is the "Mad Scientist of Revit".

    Revit Conceptual Massing On A Real Project
    By Kelly Cone

    "Massing is the greatest thing since sliced bread"

    Key concepts:
    Begin with end in mind
    Make bulletproof
    Flex it

    Kelly always impresses me and seeing even more of his full building mass embedded with numerous formulas, nested model line families and sweeping voids allows his project to drastically change the project shape and still keep the curtain wall hosted to that mass intact. Take a look at the book Mastering Revit 2012 where he wrote a chapter outlining many of these concepts. His company Beck is pushing the envelope of BIM and integrated process further than many other firms. Take a look at his blog or Aaron Mallers blog for more on their work.

    Ah, What's The Program Doc? Revit for Planning and Programming Projects

    Jay Zallan presented his programming in Revit experience. Massing blocks, calculations and reporting are just a few of the topics covered. I also try to stress planning (of Revit) before you start but I liked his process description of access, devise, generate and validate. We should all try to think about the end product (deliverables) before we spend time within Revit.
    Follow his blog at for the datasets that he will be sharing soon.

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