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    Wes Benn kicked off RTCUSA with a of how RTC started and grew from 2005 to today. In 2005 there was 85 attendees and now there are 2 venues 3 (6) days, 140 speakers, 215 classes and 750 attendees.

    Goals of Conference
    - Transfer of knowledge
    - Interaction between teaches and attendees and other attendees
    - Move conference around. Possibly have 2012 on east coast.
    - Venue not in a downtown, office like environment.
    - Grow and improve with each conference.

    How do we approach change? If we embrace it we are more prepared to move on.

    Anthony Hauck - Revit Product Line Manager
    What can we do with the model, going from documentation to simulation?

    Cindy Kennedy - ProGroup President
    Talked about:
    - Cloud Services
    - Managed Services
    - Outsourcing
    - Customized Training

    Be creative, be sustainable and give back!

    Carl Bass - CEO of Autodesk
    Radically Changing the Way We Build
    How can we apply computers to build things better?
    Infinite Computing, Hyper-Connectivity and Ubiquitous Access...

    Infinite Computing
    Cost of computing is going towards zero. The cost of everything is going up except computing. What could you do with computing if I had an infinite resource?
    Computational Example
    1 computer X 10,000 seconds = $0.25
    10,000 computers X 1 second = $0.25

    Can find people with the same passions or interests instantaneous. People don't go to Autodesk help for answers, they go to google and YouTube.

    Ubiquitous Access
    Technology is everywhere and always at our fingertips. How can we bring the data and design to this technology?

    Point Clouds
    Capture the built environment through point clouds and model natively within Revit. If you cannot use laser scanning for point clouds you can try Project Photofly turning photos into wire meshed building. Example of the possible when you apply infinite computing.

    How will augmented reality with location aware tablet devices change the way technology interfaces with how we view the world?

    He previewed a really interesting example of fluid dynamics within Project Vasari. How would you leveage technology within design if you had 80% accuracy in realtime instead of waiting weeks for a 100% accurate simulation. Also talked about Project Neon and taking the rendering processing off your computer and onto someone else's servers. Finally he mentioned structural analysis in the cloud and then just viewing the results within Revit.

    Great start to the conference and looking forward to more.

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