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    Revit ST: ANZRS

    The Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards are now available for download.

    The Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards (ANZRS) was an initiative conceived at RTC (Revit Technology Conference) 2009 in Melbourne (I was present at this event) in response to the Revit user community’s frustration with lack of consistency and quality in Revit families available from Autodesk, Content Creators and other sources.

    It’s been a mammoth effort, and not without the contributions of dozens of volunteers, but RTC 2011 marks the first public release of the Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards – for Content Creation and Management.

    The project has attracted interest globally.

    Feedback was received from a number of contributors during the recent Peer Review process, and this has been integrated within the body of the work. On the basis of what was presented during this review, several local content creation firms have already agreed to adopt the standards. These include KarelCAD (DesignContent), Benn Design and ProductSpec .

    The document pack constitutes:

    1.Introduction and project contextual information
    2.Forms articulating criteria to be met in order to comply with the standards
    3.Reference material to assist content creators to surpass minimum requirements.

    The Revit Content Model Style Guidelines produced by Autodesk were the first widespread effort in this direction. However, we find some of their prescriptions and guidelines lacking – so, we figured we’d form part of the solution by contributing our own for public use.

    ANZRS addresses content standards for Autodesk Revit only. It does not attempt or purport to be a product- or vendor-neutral standard. This was predominantly because such efforts require enormous amounts of effort and buy-in from so many parties, and sometimes made more complex by proprietary limitations. We felt that if we could help get the Revit-aligned part of the industry to agree on something, that it might be an easier step to take to get everyone on board to something greater.

    The committee is actively in dialog with other related parties and projects, in the interests of optimizing our alignment with them and vice versa. Such initiatives are:

    AEC(UK) BIM Standard, and;

    The ANZRS can be downloaded

    The pack includes a 72 page printable pdf, and shared parameter .txt files for Revit Structure, Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.

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