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Malleristicrevitation: Revit Technology Conference 2013- Australasia

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    Malleristicrevitation: Revit Technology Conference 2013- Australasia

    My "Calender Sunday" is on its 34th hour, having just crossed the International Date Line on my way back to Dallas following the Revit Technology Conference Australasia, at The Langham Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand. This was a bit of a different trip for me, since it was also a personal vacation that let me bounce around the country of NZ for a few days.

    Culturally and experientially, it was a wonderufl experience. A few days on the south island, including an island wide drive, days of hiking, and meeting a bunch of great people, then heading to Auckland for the conference itself. The country was a phenominal host. People going out of their way to ask if i knew where i was going (i nav with paper maps while i walk), people recommending things, stopping to talk with me everywhere i went. Fantastic Country. Finally, i made my way to RTC on Wednesday of this week.

    Generally when i attend conferences like RTC, there are three things i absolutely relish during the experience:

    Amazingly Graceful Constraints

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