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    Career Corner?

    We would like to post a career opportunity within the next week or so similar to what we can do in the Career Corner on AUGI. I do not see this section on the Revit Forum. What do you suggest?

    Also, if any of you have thoughts for other possible posting sites, we are open to suggestion. We are specifically interested in skilled family content people and are considering looking for people with Pro-E, Solidworks or Inventor s as well as Revit users.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Phyllis,

    After a bit of discussion we have created a new, moderated forum for those who might wish to let others now of a job which might be in the offing and for those members seeking work. Over the next few days we will set up a basic template of information we think should be included in any thread posted there.

    This is a moderated forum for members who may know of Revit jobs or contract work which others may be interested in or who are seeking employment for themselves. Employment companies and the like are not permitted to post here.

    Ian Kidston


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