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    Classic Skateboarding

    So Jason Lee is on Twitter now...and has been posting lots of vids from YouTube about skateboarding and such....I totally remember him from his skateboarding days...back when I decided I sucked at skateboarding and got into rollerblading.

    Anyway I came across this video from Animal Chin when they are in Bakersfield. Wow, I totally remember when Chris Borst built that massive half-pipe and the controversy that started because of it. Most of the ramps were small at that time and his was taller than his house. It was only a couple of miles away from my turned away since I had rollerblades on...LOL..and that was when rollerblading was just getting popular.

    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)

    Dude, you're a fruit booter?? Damn, we can't talk anymore. :laugh:

    I used to ride half pipes in SoCal as well, but on a bike. I still remember hanging out at The Pipeline. This was early 80's. Pre Hoffman and Mirra. Ahh, memories. I like the vid. This was back when bikers and boarders got along. Many many moons ago.

    I actually still ride sometimes with my son (on his scooter). We go to Arlo Eisenberg's place a lot.
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