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water overflowing gutter at roof intersections

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    water overflowing gutter at roof intersections

    I have a ranch home. Approximately two thirds from one side, I have an entrance way porch with a roof. Thus the porch roof intersects the main roof. there are two gutters. both shaped like an "L" One gathers water from the main roof and one half of the porch roof. the other does the same.

    water leaks (gushes) over the gutter at the intersection of the two roofs. One side is considerably worse than the other (must be a hint which I can not decipher).
    The gutter intersection that leaks the most has the longer run to the downspout. that part of the roof also has an overhanging tree.

    I have pitched the gutters. I got rid of the gutter guards and made sure the gutter was clean before a storm. still have the problem.

    I am not sure how high the gutter should be relative to the drip edge.

    I am about to reroof the entire southern facing roof. Now is the time for me to do the gutter shingle thing right. I am planning on redoing the facia and soffit.
    adding 3/4 " cdx to existing roof (to get rid of roof sag between the roof rafters) and placing rubber underlayment under the entire shingled roof.

    I am 73 and need to get the roof in shape for my wife. I do not expect to live out the decade as I have cancer.

    I would think whoever you get to re-roof your house will be able to figure this out....are you using Revit to detail everything?
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      I think that the problem stems from the water gathering speed. You could install a diverter to slow the water down before it gets to the intersection.


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