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    (A Tablet In Every Room Office)

    So I'm thinking of treating myself to a fistful of THESE

    ...woefully underpowered for Revit (obvs) hence posted here, and not over in Hardware, but that's not the idea...

    Essentially, I love music. But I do not stream (Spotify, Tidal or whatever) and although I (presently) enjoy an apartment where I can have any one of my stereos cranked to be heard throughout, the lack of 'control' I have - compared (if I must) to my friend's full-house Sonos setup - is starting to grate. #firstworldproblems

    Now up until a month or so ago I had an IdeaStick in the back of my (Lounge) TV, constant-on, connected to my NAS, for music, movies the lot. It did all I ever wanted it do - but was only a stopgap in lieu of the 'real' HTPC (that I've toyed with speccing/building for years), so when it decided to fry its wireless innards (effectively bricking it) I've been toying with alternatives (given the PS3 & 360 DLNA media players are so woeful)

    Now I know I should 'just' drop the £1K-ish on the 'proper' (HT)PC and be done with it/that - but, whilst that'd serve the main "media room" (Lounge) it still wouldn't solve the 'problem' of the other-rooms. Hence the thinking £120-odd for 3No. tablets (w/ the same spec. as the IdeaStick, but with lil' screens and touchpads all of their own), constant tether-docked for power and sound, to run a home-spun Plex/other distributed audio network. (I'm a rank-amateur Foobar user otherwise)


    Question (?) is: Has anyone done, is doing, or read of anyone discussing, anything remotely (boom-tish!) similar?

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