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Macs on Windows networks

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    Macs on Windows networks

    My bosses are looking to upgrade their laptops but want to get Macs. Are there any 'gotcha' issues with hooking into a Windows 2008 server domain?
    Rick Moore, AIA
    Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects

    oh yeah there are. but i dont think this fourm will give you the best answers.

    try google searches.

    OK, this question comes up all the time, "How do I share files between my Mac and PC". So, here is the answer. I'm hoping we can make this "Sticky" and save everyone time :) I think I have remembered everything, if you think there is somthing I've missed then please post and let me know...
    -Alex Cunningham


      With the newest versions of OSX there are far fewer issues with hooking into a domain. The worst of it is finding where the hid the utility to do so. I would have to google it again to find out where it is but it is hiding in one of the utilities somewhere. The mail app that comes on OSX is perfectly capable of easily hooking into an exchange system with little to no setup beyond what is typically done for a windows based system with Microsoft Office. Or if your boss is feeling rich you can now buy Office native to MAC.


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