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BIM within the supply chain - Survey

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    BIM within the supply chain - Survey

    Hello all,

    I am a final year civil engineering masters student at Plymouth University, currently undertaking the data collection stage of my dissertation project. The title of my project is, 'Integrating BIM throughout the Supply Chain on Construction Projects in the UK'. If you could spare 10-15 minutes, I would be very grateful if you could follow the below link to complete the survey. More information is provided on the first page of the survey.

    Also, for the further aid of my research, I would be grateful if you could forward me any links to other industrial contacts who would have knowledge or experience of BIM within the supply chain.

    SurveyMethods: The easiest way to Ask, Analyze, and Improve.

    Kind Regards,


    Michael I have deleted your other threads, and moved this one to our informal "Out There" area as this kind of request isn't really in keeping with our Revit-related Q&A sub-forums.

    -snowyweston (Moderator)

    EDIT And I've just completed your survey...
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