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    2012 info

    When do you expect to start seeing info about Revit 2012? Doesn't Autodesk start publishing things before the software is available? We are looking at buying some new computers but I may hold off until the requirements for the new version are released.

    I don't think Autodesk releases any info prior to the release itself. In past years the release has been around April, & I would assume the same this time round.

    I just bought a new computer - delivered a couple of days back. For myself, I found what I thought what a good deal for a well spec'd box and ran with that.
    Ian Kidston


      Hi violet - you might want to check out this thread.

      I wouldn't expect hardware requirements to change significantly enough that it should affect your purchasing decision.

      I'm sure many would be glad to offer advice when it comes to selecting a new system. The one piece of advice I have right off the bat is to hold off purchasing until the new "Intel Core i7-2xxx" (e.g. i7-2600) series of CPUs become widely available in systems in the next couple months.


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