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Time spent on rendering is high.

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    Time spent on rendering is high.

    I have Dell T1500 Workstation with following configuration.

    Intel i5
    4GB Ram
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit.
    1GB Quadro600 Graphics card.

    But still it taking 14-16hr to make rendering process completed. Is there any solution to minimize the time spent on rendering.
    Need to upgrade the hardware or is there any revit setting need to be done.

    Please help me on this as i am trying to make this working from last 8-9 months.



    Faster processors- and more of them- is all thats going to help render times. That said, im surprised you can render high res images with 4GB of ram, and have them save. Was a huge problem for us in the 32 bit environment. Im surprised (even in 64 bit) youre able to save them after they render.

    The only way youre going to get a TON of improvement is to seriously multiply the number of cores... IE Cloud rendering, or Max with Backburner...
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      Definately upgrade the hardware, or use another render software... Revit doesn't render on graphics card but on cpu.
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        you may also want to check out this post. While it is very true that the only way to make any given rendering faster is more CPU horsepower (and enough RAM to get by) it is also true that most people tend to just click High quality and render. The linked post goes into some settings you may want to tweak, either because they don't improve the image but do slow the rendering, or because they impact they have on the image is not worth the cost in rendering time. If you are already rendering in Medium quality and small images, there is likely no answer short of improving the machine.

        Also, if you have access to AU stuff, look for the Model to Marvelous session that Jeffrey McGrew did a few years back. Not so much about making rendering faster, as ensuring that the rendering you do get is worth the wait.

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