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Budget "all-purpose-yet-Revit-friendly" laptop

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    Budget "all-purpose-yet-Revit-friendly" laptop

    So I've found myself this evening pouring through the bewildering world of laptop shopping, simply because I can't say no to friends when they need a bit of advice.

    Thankfully, they'd done some looking themselves, and found THIS SAMSUNG which (to me) looks fairly reasonable - given i5's turbo features (if we're being bias toward CPUs for Revit friendliness)

    But I've recently started getting lured into reccomending Lenovo laptops because of their much praised quality and have found THIS ONE - with the (apparently) comparable i3-230M.

    But perhaps we're both well off the mark?

    What gets me is the seemingly infinite variances in laptop specs. - it really does take the fun out of shopping (unlike the Lego-like "this CPU socket for this motherboard, for this RAM" pairing game of full-size machines) - so, just to give you an idea, some other ones I've been juggling:


    There's no brand loyality, desire to game or have masses of storage - but there is a desire to stay fairly portable, have a 15" screen (Matte if at all possible) with a £500 (give or take) budget... Anyone been looking at, or know off hand, any suitable alternatives?

    Might take a look at Sager Notebooks I was looking at them a while back since basically a lot of Dell's are Sagers in disguise...
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      They don't appear to have a UK presence - which, when it comes to laptops, is a bit of a must.


        Those are some nice laptops for general apps, but not geared well towards Revit.

        Particularly, the GPUs in those are rather lacking - possibly okay if you don't plan on using HWA.

        The i3 is a non-starter. The Sandy Bridge i5-2410 is decent, but the last generation i5-480M is tired and has very low TB.

        4GB RAM doesn't cut it anymore.

        If that's all you can afford, that's the way it is... but don't expect great performance (relative to what is now available).

        Good luck!


          I have i5-480M 8GB RAM in my Dell. It was performing well with RAC 2011, but RAC 2012 is just killing it (especially rendering) . With i3, I guess, it would be just impossible to work. Rendering? Forget it.
          Which reminds me I have to post RFOBenchmark. I don't think there is any i5 tested.
          Just my 2 cents :beer:


            Cheers guys.

            Like I said, it's got to be Revit-Friendly, not Revit-awesome, as cost is an unfortunate factor - and quite acceptable when the reality is the i7 rig w/ 16GB and a 2GB V7800 she uses at work for 40 hours a week costs near 3 times what she has in her pocket to spend on herself.

            I'm quite glad to get the i3/i5 "confusion" cleared up - I guessed that was pretty much a given but just wanted to be sure. RAM wise, I'll push her toward the 6GB options... but again, it's the GPU that gets me - it always has with Revit (as you'll remember from my RFOBenchmark moans iru!) - there'll be little want to do visuals, my mate's a Kiwi doing house extensions back home for friends and family so is more about the detailing and construction drawing packages.

            But will that excuse the absence of discrete graphics altogether

            I don't like how integrated solutions "steal" from your system memory, but then I don't have the first clue about all these new generation versions of mobile GPU hardware, so find myself a just a little bit dumbfounded.


              i have an i3. It's working for normaly houses


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