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    Hardware acceleration

    I am using NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT gprahic card. Hardware acceleration was working until i installed twinmotion, it also installed nvidia phys-x , and other ***** like NET framework and ms visual studio. After instalation Hardware acceleration stop working ( problem unknown video card). I removed all ***** what twinmotion has installed, i uninstalled and installed again video driver, and nothin..
    Help please? rep for you guarantee if you will help me! ;D

    Try reinstalling your video card drivers.
    Roll your computer back to a date before you installed twinmotion.
    -Alex Cunningham


      If you can roll back as Alex suggested, that would be the easiest solution.

      Originally posted by bangobeat View Post
      After instalation Hardware acceleration stop working ( problem unknown video card).
      HWA actually stopped working and it won't let you enable it, or is it just an error message, but it's still enabled (or can be enabled)? The error messages are a dime a dozen, but it's been rare (in my experience) that it won't actually let you enable HWA.

      Did you uninstall the twinmotion and other nvidia stuff along with the driver (I have a bunch of nvidia packages in "Programs and Features")? After you uninstalled (and rebooted your computer!), did you re-install the same driver that isn't working, or did you install the old driver that was working before. What's the new driver version you tried to install? What's the old driver version you had before, if you know?

      If you haven't already done this (i.e. what got you into this mess):
      Go to nvidia's website and download the latest driver for your video card/OS. Uninstall every nvidia related package you can. Reboot your computer. Install the new driver you downloaded, if you can (some laptops won't let you install a "reference" driver and will only allow you to install the manufacturer's provided driver).

      Good luck!
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