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    remote access

    i think i have narrowed down a bug that i have been having, but never really could narrow it down to whose fault it is.

    i870, 8gb ram, gtx 460 1gb, win7 x64
    logmein remote access software

    the problem that happens is that whether i am on logmein or not, revit will just hang (not responding) for anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes sometimes. no cpu/gpu usage spike, just stops responding. not really a big deal, but annoying when trying to get work done.

    i originally thought it was a problem with the nvidia driver (first time it occurred i was using an nivida beta driver)
    but though different nvidia drivers this year (266.58 - 275.33) it happens sometimes and doesnt others. i do a clean install of the driver (option to delete all settings during driver install) each time to make sure that there isnt any garbage coming through from the last version.

    if i disable graphics acceleration in revit it doesnt happen.

    i havent had the problem since i upgraded to the latest 275.33
    it happened today when i was remoted into my machine and it hit me, its not the nvida driver, its the logmein remote mirror driver.

    i didnt know if anyone else is using logmein or was having this problem, just wanted to put it out there and see if there was any feedback. or if someone was using different remote software that was working well with revit. before logmein i used to use ultra-vnc, but it doesnt appear to play nice with win7 that well; and since i have dual monitors, and my remote machine is lower-res than the machine that revit is on - it is a complete pain to use

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    removed the 2 logmein video drivers, did windows updates, rebooted... still there
    wonder if it has some "hooks" into the nvidia driver that requires me to re-install the nvidia driver clean

    ill post back as i continue testing...


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