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Anti-aliasing issues in 2012?

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    Anti-aliasing issues in 2012?

    On one of our models I am seeing some interesting graphic problems in 2012. With shadows and ambient occlusion on, the line work in the model disappears. Colors in Consistent Colors are still there, and the ambient occlusion overlay is still there. It is just the redraw of the lines isn't happening in real time. Of course in Hidden Line mode this means the model seems to just disappear. If I turn shadows and AO off, some lines don't redraw in real time, but enough of the model is visible to work. Last piece of data is the fact that turning off Anti-Aliasing in 3D views basically solves the problem. Shadows aren't live in this model, but everything else is, and the shadows regen nearly instantly. So it seems to be that the anti-aliasing is the problem, but of course a view looks better with this on, so I would rather not turn it off. BUT, if the problem won't go away I am going to revise our deployment to have anti-aliasing off by default, for sure.

    Anyway I wonder if others are seeing anything similar, and if anyone knows the ins and outs of driver anti-aliasing settings? I am playing now with just tweaking settings and seeing what happens, but a little direction would sure help. FWIW, GPU-Z shows similar graphics RAM use in both cases, and GPU utilzation jumps to 10% max, from 6% max, when AA is on. But it would at least seem like the graphics card has plenty of performance headroom, assuming Revit can even access it.

    FYI, this is a GeForce GTX 470 card, Windows 7 x64, 100MB model with a fair amount of modeled detail. I have had the same problems in drivers 270.61 & 275.33. Will be testing older drivers soon. Attached are screen captures in the middle of rotating the model, AA on and AA off.

    UPDATE: Problem manifests on the Advanced Sample Project & and the RFO Benchmark file, but not the Simple Sample Project. The RFO Benchmark is the smallest of the three in file size, but the Simple Sample Project is by far the fewest elements in the model. So it seems (and makes sense) to be related to how much "stuff" is modeled, not simply to file size. I am trying to track down a Quadro card to test, just in case this is finally a way to validate (or refute) any value in the "pro" cards and drivers.
    The fact that I am seeing repeatable results in one sample file and not the other sure makes it easy for others to test for the same behavior.

    UPDATE #2: Lest anyone think this just is a 2012 bug, 2011 is even worse. With the 275.33 drivers the Advanced Sample totally disappears with AA and shadows (No AO in hidden line views in 2011). Turn off shadows and AA is still a regen problem, turn off AA and shadows on is not a problem.

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    Pragmatic Praxis

    Just tested this real quick with the "Advanced Sample" model, and with Aniti-aliasing, shadows and ambient occlusion on, the lines go missing when I orbit the model, but are instantly back when I let go of the mouse. With Aniti-aliasing off, there´s no issue.

    ATI Radeon HD5770 1GB For what it´s worth...

    Would be interesting if the Quadro card solves this... please keep us posted :beer:
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      I opened our RME advanced sample project and could not replicate the problem. For what it's worth I'm also running a gtx 470 with the 270.61 drivers. Maybe its a difference in the models.
      Kaylin Richardson
      Sr. CAD Tech


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