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Something Sketchy, but not in that way, just different

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    Something Sketchy, but not in that way, just different

    Since this is about techy toys I'm putting this here rather than "Out There".

    I fancy treating myself to a new toy. My laptop is still pretty capable, my HTPC although getting old still does all I ask of it, I'm not going to get a Xbox One until it's cheaper, my TV doesn't need to be any bigger and apart from needing some new headphones, I'm pretty much sorted. No, this is purely decadent.

    Drawing is one of the things I want to do more of - and maybe preserve the sketches and doodles I do on a day to day basis in some way. I was thinking of an Inkling when it first came out - but it's appeal has waned - and lately I've really enjoyed playing with Sketchbook - so was leaning toward a pointer device (although I've never been fussed on a SpacePilot) but you'd miss out on mobility - even though I seldom take my laptop anywhere - so was wondering if there was a tablet solution, that works standalone and a periperhal to other computers - that would play nice with Sketchbook, OneNote, etc.

    Any thoughts? :thumbsup:
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    Check out wacoms cintiq line of products.
    Not exactly the same thing but it would be nice to have a tablet to double up as a sketchpad when near my laptop though.
    Geert Vennix, architecte


      Originally posted by Geert View Post
      Not exactly the same thing
      At least, not in terms of money - the 13HD is circa. £700 - that's quite a toy!


        Just get an ipad mini and install sketchbook, sorted


          The full-size iPad is fantastic as well, though a little more spendy.

          I did just get a Wacom Bamboo Capture for Photoshop. It can't work stand-alone, but it is very slim and portable and great fit and finish. I'm still getting used to it, but it's definitely very cool for sketching on the cheap. Obviously the Intuos is even nicer, though again, more spendy.


            Originally posted by Dandharma View Post
            Just get an ipad mini and install sketchbook, sorted
            If I went this route I'd probably get a Surface - not because I'm a fanboy - but because everything I have runs MS, including my phone, and I like things that play nice together.

            Although that thinking opens up other avenues, like a Galaxy Note, since that'd talk nicely with my laptop via Kies.

            Hmmm. First world problems.
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              I've seen graphic artists use a touch enabled monitor with a pen and work directly on their monitor. I'm sure it's pricey though.
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                There a few styluses that have pressure sensitive tips that work thru bluetooth on the iPad. Sketchbook Pro is one of the apps that supports this.
                Our innovative stylus pens satisfy artists & note-takers. Shop the best stylus for drawing & writing, and get your stylus pen for touch screen devices today.
                Rick Moore, AIA
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                  I saw Troy tweet about this little beauty which looks mighty tasty - and with Bluetooth 4, means I'll be able to use one of these - I might not actually have to wait for the new Surface afterall!


                    How about a surface pro with a real wacom stylus?
                    Wacom is rumored to build their own tablet though.
                    Geert Vennix, architecte


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