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    Revit User Groups

    I am going to bring this up now.

    Who would support and help out with publishing all the Revit User Groups (RUG) out there? We could make an area in RFO that would facilitate people adding and joining RUGs from around the world. If you are a leader or support of a RUG, please speak up.

    -Alex Cunningham

    Great idea Alex - RFO is already a central hub for many Revit users around the world, and it would be a obvious next step to add support of the local RUG's.

    We certainly have the infrastructure and flexibility to support the RUG's in what ever way they'd like. Heck, with a little planning, we could even offer each RUG a dedicated sub-forum, calendar, album, groups and file hosting, which ultimately could spare them from hosting their own local websites - A true win/win situation: More Revit users would be gathered here to support each other, and the RUG's wouldn't have to mess with their own websites, and would be displayed to a lot of potential new members.

    RUG's - Let us know if this sounds compelling! :beer:
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    Klaus Munkholm
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      Well, I'm in the Dutch RUG. Sounds like a fine idea. I'll put it up for discussion...
      Martijn de Riet
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