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How optimize script for placed families on drafting view?

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    How optimize script for placed families on drafting view?

    I made script for insert two Family Types with three parameters by points.
    I read data from Excel - Family Types and their values of parameters.
    But script get very big.
    If I need insert ten Family Types with ten parameters then script will be huge.
    I uploaded files to cloud, you can download their from here:

    May be somebody know way how optimize this script.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regard

    The "Family by Point and View" node works with multiple families too. In fact most nodes do.
    You can create a list of 100 points and 100 data values, feed this into the nodes, and place them and set the parameters.
    It looks like the place families node will only take one Family Type though, so you will have to repeat for different types.
    Or maybe first place everything as the same type, then change the type using another list.
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      Hello Andrei,

      I've amended your script how I would do it, attached below. Basically, you can utilise Lacing and [email protected] to achieve what you want without having to copy and paste nodes. This works on the proviso that the List structure matches correctly. You'll find, in Dynamo, that List Manipulations are the biggest thing to wrap your head around.

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