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    Create rooms by name and number

    I am a beginner in Dynamo and I have a simple question.
    I am working with Revit 2017 and dynamo 1.3.2 and using Lunch Box package to create rooms by name and number.
    But, the list of new rooms in Revit does not match the return value in dynamo! There are also as duplicated rooms as runnings.
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    Have you looked at the lacing?
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      With only the screenshots to look at, it seems you left the Boolean Toggle on True while testing/rewiring your script. (and thus destroying the element binding) Do you get the same result in a blank Revit file if you just let the script run once?

      Why are you not cleaning the "null" values from your name and number lists? With only 14 actual values there are now 16 Rooms created, resulting in all the None Rooms.

      Can't really tell anything else without the .dyn/.rvt (and maybe excel file?)


        Yes indeed, I forgot the Boolean Toggle on true!
        It's ok now, I've also removed the null values
        Thank you so much.


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