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    List Clean on Another List

    Good day all,

    Is there a way to use List.Clean and know which list items were removed so I can remove the same items from another list?

    Thanks for you help,

    Something like List.Clean.ByKey

    How you can sort list by a key can I clean them by one?


      Don't know an answer but these should help:


      There are also a number of custom list management nodes - I know Grimshaw & Rhythm both have several.
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        This is one way to do it!

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          Thanks Amoursol and Cellophane,

          Unfortunately due to the complexity of the list your way does not work easily Amoursol.
          For my solution I broke it into three chuck with some script slow down but not too bad.

          Capture 1:
          List information coming out of Springs.Collector.ElementsInView is in Level @2. Empty Lists are are returned at level @3 and @2. I wish to keep this list structure because the @3 is the sheet and @2 are the views on the sheet.

          List.Clean works great to clean the list but there is no way to clean the original list coming out of List.AddItemToFront.

          Capture 2:
          Since there is no way to match the lists I use Clockworks Element.OwnerView.

          Capture 3:
          I then need to know what sheet the views are on. Since you cannot fine what sheet a legend is on this is what I came up with. Grab the First view in each of the filtered list and then cross compare them against each list to find matching elements. I can then pull the first element (the sheet) from the original list coming out of List.AddItemToFront in Capture 1.

          The cross product on Contains slows things down a little bit but the script is already slow because of Springs.Collector.ElementsInView. So whats a few more seconds anyway.

          Not the best way to go about it but it does work and I could not spend any more time on it. I may venture back and clean it up one day. This was my attempt to find a better way to export revision clouds than I had achieved before. Seems to be faster and work better. Previous Cloud Exporter

          Thank for your help and suggestions,
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