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    new to dynamo

    good day all,

    Just discovered dynamo.

    for my first task, I am creating all my sheets from excel and so far so good, but I am using the 'SheetByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView' node and it will only put the one view on the first sheet. I want to but Level 1 on A101 and Level 2 on A102 and so on.

    can someone point me in the right direction?

    all my sheets come in fine


    Without a screenshot of what you already have it's hard to say, but first guess would be to set the Lacing of the SHeetByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView to longest. It's default on Shortest. Right Mouse Click on the Node and you should see Lacing>


      I changed my lacing from short to long, but I am sure I have to pass a list to the views node or something. Here is my capture. Thank you for any assistance.

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        What does the error say? What is the result of each node you are feeding into the output one? (pin the result or add watch nodes)
        Julie Kidder
        Architect + BIM Director
        Hartman + Majewski Design Group


          I didn't get the error today when running it, so I am not sure, I added a watch as requested the image attached below but this time it created my sheets and added only one view to the first sheet, Level 1 to sheet A-101, I have an excel file that contain Sheet numbers, Sheet names and the name of the views I want on each sheet but as mentioned I am only geting the single view listed in the ViewNode 'Level 1' onto the first sheet created, which makes sense but I want to populate all my sheets with the corrosoponding view listed from my excel sheet. I am thinking I have to pass a list somehow to the view node?

          for somereason I can't upload an image but my watch shows
          [0] Sheet 245744
          [1] Sheet 245750
          [2] Sheet 245755
          [3] Sheet 245760


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