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roombounding elements in a IFC file

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    roombounding elements in a IFC file


    I am a bloody Rookie regarding dynamo.

    I would like to escape from monkeywork
    Whats the problem(challange):
    So I have a IFC Modell from archicad. I can import it (with archicad conector), all element perfectly even the archicad-rooms.
    The Ifc walls are roombounded, but revit is unable to read it. So all my Archicad-rooms are there (roombook) but they are not closed!
    I have to create <roomsepartion>lines room by room, wall by wall.

    I think thats a good homeworkasignment for dynamo...

    Good prospective to solve the challange:
    Topic: Create room boundary lines from a CAD plan or 2D linework | Dynamo BIM

    But the pakages are not working! why?
    Does anybody have a other solution?
    Is there a other link?
    How can i wheel IFC data with dynamo?

    I hope my quetion is not to general. I would like to post a dynamoscript(and I properly will do), at the moment I have no clue to make any solution



    Well I would suggest;
    1) check your IFC import options. By mapping the IfcWalls to the right category you might get them to be room bounding. You could even try other room bounding categories if conversion to walls is not working (Columns, Curtain Wall etc.)
    2) What category are they imported as? If you can collect all the wall elements in dynamo (Get all elements of type, filter for your new walls) then you can extract the start and end coordinates.
    3) You could use Wall.ByCurveAndHeight to replace the IFC import walls with actual Revit walls. Or just use the coordinates to place separation lines, theres an example here (
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