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Dynamo : Post all your Thoughts and Feelings HERE

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    Dynamo : Post all your Thoughts and Feelings HERE

    Dynamo : Post all your Thoughts and Feelings HERE
    I wanted to start a post about Dynamo and gather your feelings and thoughts about the subject.
    I plan to teach a series of "Beginner" Dynamo classes this year (2014) and I am extremely interested in knowing how other Revit users feel about the subject.

    There is no limit to what you could say about the topic. You may use this post to vent your frustrations, give your praise, and/or mention your reservations about the subject. Below are some SUGGESTED questions to answer but feel free to create your own questions.

    1. Have you ever heard about Dynamo? What is your experience with it?

    2. If you have no experience with using Dynamo but know about it then what are your thoughts or feelings about it?

    3. What do you think Dynamo is really used for? Do you think it is only limited to creating very complicated geometry, or the mass family editor?

    4. Do you plan to use Dynamo in the future?

    5. If you know Dynamo, how did you learn it?

    6. Is Dynamo used in your firm or company? If so to what extent?

    As always I will share what information I use from this blog post with the Revit Community.

    If you are unfamiliar with Dynamo you could read about it here.
    This post is intended to gather information and not to answer your specific questions about Dynamo.
    However, if you do have specific questions about Dynamo you could visit the Dynamo Forums here.

    Thank you
    Be A Hero

    1. Yes. None (save watching videos and sitting in on seminars)

    2. N/A

    3. Computational design & content generation - which is great if a. you work in offices that think of design computationally, and b. if you really, really need to generate lots of content in a mechnaised way.

    4. Maybe - but I'd need to see more real-world use-cases, and less wobbly-blob creation. Which is how I feel about the API & adaptive component aspects of Revit.

    5. I don't. I'd probably read Zach's blog - and pick up the phone and talk to David Wood if I was to get into.

    6. No - we're a young-to-Revit firm, and unless I learn it, no one else will... it'd be grasshopper first (we're a Rhino concept stage office)


      1. Yes. I took Zach's class at AU but that's about the extent of it
      2. n/a
      3. Great for doing a lot of iterations quickly based on a variety of input. Seems to be focused on adaptive components more so than standard families and documentation. I know it isn't limited to those uses but that is where it shines at the moment.
      4. Same as Snowy - need to see how it can apply to the real world before I invest a lot of time learning it only to find out that it doesn't do much for production work
      5. I don't really know it other than what we did in the AU class and the little bit I've gleaned from Zach's writings
      6. No. Revit isn't fully implemented and at the moment we do really standard, non-exciting buildings (see #3 & 4)

      If it could be applied easily to documentation or space design (think medical office layouts, multi-family buildings with typical wood frame construction & design) I would be on it like a fat-kid on cake.
      Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

      BEER: Better, Efficient, Elegant, Repeatable.


        We are using it as an office, i havent personally learned to use it. One of our guys is even using it with Inventor.
        Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
        @Web | @Twitter | @LinkedIn | @Email


          Just took a workshop at UT with Nathan Miller from case, Inc.

          Here's my answers:

          1. yes.
          2. good
          3. not only it will be good for computation design but it will be good to extract data for other things (like scheduling)
          4. Yes
          5. Recently from the workshop called tex-fab (TexFab | Network)
          6. No, but I will definitely want to learn more.

          to Aaron: I met Josh from Beck from the workshop so I am sure you have someone who knows about Dynamo now!
          Philip Chan
          Practice Technology Manager | HKS


            We have a few people who are using it. I said *I* wasnt personally using it.
            Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
            @Web | @Twitter | @LinkedIn | @Email


              @ Aaron,

              Yeah, I read my post again and it was a mistake
              Philip Chan
              Practice Technology Manager | HKS


                these comments are GREAT!!! so helpful
                please if you have anything to say about dynamo post it here
                Be A Hero


                  It definitely is not a weekend tool. I tried to spend about 10 hours on videos, and was left with more questions than answers. But of course, Revit wasn't a weekend learn either.

                  If you are going to do some workshops/classes, I definitely would like to check them out. It's potential is huge, but should also be applicable to relatively normal conditions in an office. It's not everyday you get to have 2500 curtainwall shapes on a twisting form.

                  What I found missing about dynamo and adaptive components is a "hey dummy, this is how you use this stuff" type of blog/post. But maybe that's impractical.

                  keep us posted,
                  Trevor Pan



                    1. Yes, I’ve done a few Youtube tutorials.
                    2. It’s a great and definitely very important addition to Revit.
                    3. The use of computational design tools during the design process especially during competitions is essential. Dynamo could be that tool
                    4. Personally yes
                    5. YouTube
                    6. No, our firm uses Grasshopper exclusively for design, but Revit for production if BIM is required. I think that Dynamo on itself has huge potential, but it’s been sold so far as a computational design tool for schematic design on specific high end projects which on its own isn’t bad. The problem is that even early Revit adopters like SOM don’t use Revit as a design tool but as a production tool. At Au, many case studies, where computational design was part of SD, Rhino Grasshopper was used and not Revit. So the success of Dynamo ultimately depends on the use of Revit during SD. If Autodesk can make Revit more appealing to Rhino users, the use of Dynamo will increase instantly. That said, for now, the Dynamo team should also focus on the production side with real world examples. The production team already uses Revit so they are more likely to use Dynamo if it is proven to be a time saving tool. That way, Dynamo will be a more all round tool than just a schematic design tool.
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