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Different views same IFC

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    Different views same IFC

    I got an IFC from a client and when i load it in Revit or Navisworks i only see some pieces of the model.

    When i open it in Bimcollab Zoom i see everything


    The unreferenced items do not show in Revit/Navisworks.

    Does anyone know a solution for this?

    Start talking to the people supplying you with this file, why is every element either a proxy of unreferenced? Nothing is classified or named. Depending on their authoring software they need to dive into mapping/export settings.

    As you can see the Unreferenced elements have no place in the IFC scheme and Zoom/Solibri/etc will make exceptions for those, Navis will usually not, it will adhere more strictly to the MVD definition.


      Thanks, now i know it's not me doing something wrong.


        I got a new IFC model with again all thinks ''unreferenced items'' and i would like to know if i can adjust this thing to make it all referenced so i don't have to bother the supplier. I explained it 5 times and still get bad stuff from him.
        When i load the IFC in Bimcollab zoom i see everything, when i open it in Navisworks i see nothing, is there a box to check so i see everything in Navisworks?
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